Spring Rounds I

72" x 48"
Acrylic + oil on Canvas
In Paula Arciniega's "Spring Rounds I," the dynamic essence of Stravinsky's composition comes to life on the canvas. Here, the prevailing momentum is delicately suspended, akin to a fleeting pause in a vibrant dance. Paula artfully translates this moment into visual poetry, capturing the essence of Stravinsky's deliberate choice to introduce a Lithuanian folk melody. The canvas becomes a playground of colors and shapes, each stroke resonating with the exotic charm infused by the composer. Paula's rendition invites viewers to savor the intricacies of this artistic dialogue, where the fusion of music and visual art creates a captivating narrative that transcends time and cultural boundaries. "Spring Rounds I" stands as a testament to Paula Arciniega's mastery in translating musical nuances into vibrant visual expressions.
Spring Rounds  by  Stravinsky
Listen from  7:59  to  11:40
With Permission:  2013 Toronto Symphony Orchestra, Recorded live in Roy Thompson Hall, December 4 & 6, 2008
Listen to the TSO's full 2013 performance of Stravinsky's The Rite of Spring: