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Since earning a Masters Degree at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music in 2004, Paula Arciniega has been carving out two artistic paths: one as a vocalist and the other as a painter. For Paula, these aren't separate paths; they are deeply intertwined. The musical works of some of the great classical composers have been potent muses for Paula's paintings. And in the reverse direction, the bold, emotive execution that characterizes so much of Paula's abstract art has a way of informing the emotional range in her musical performances. The interplay between song and color makes for fertile ground.

Each painting is an act of faith – where ideas held in the head are both chased and revealed through the tactile flow of the brush. This putting down of color, this dance of Intent and Subconsciousness, reminds us of the wonder of Emergence. The heavens cannot be known all the time, so art and music are a series of glimpses that leave you feeling more alive, more truthful, and hopeful about what comes next.

Paula's unique process is further enhanced by her synesthesia, a neurological condition that allows her to perceive sound as color. This rare gift sets her apart from many other artists, enabling her to infuse her artwork with an extra layer of emotional depth and sensory richness. As she listens to classical compositions, she translates the intricate harmonies and melodies into vibrant hues and dynamic brushstrokes, resulting in captivating visual symphonies that resonate with viewers on a profound level. Through her synesthetic approach, Paula creates immersive experiences that transcend traditional boundaries, inviting audiences to explore the boundless connections between sound, color, and emotion.

Operating from her live-work gallery in Toronto's vibrant artistic community, Paula's studio serves as a sanctuary for creative exploration.

Connecting Artists + Musicians

New connections have the power to inspire and energize. We get a kick out of fostering new connections that spark collaboration across genres as well as within genres. Talk to us.

Creating Art & Music

Along with hosting concerts and collaborative events Ohso Studios also produces original works of art and live performance under the ever expressive creativity of Paula Arciniega.

Design & Build

The musical world of creativity, balance, and harmony translates intuitively into the world of custom home building. Matthew Brooks manages "The symphony of construction." Ask us about Project Management.
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Paula works in collaboration with OHSO STUDIOS