Sea of Galilee

20" x 30"
oil on Canvas
"Sea of Galilee" captures the essence of Paula Arciniega's journey to Israel with her family, translating the serene beauty of this iconic biblical landscape onto canvas. Measuring 20" X 30" and rendered in oil on canvas, this artwork invites viewers to experience the tranquil waters and picturesque shores of the Sea of Galilee. Bathed in warm hues and imbued with a sense of spiritual depth, this painting evokes a profound sense of connection to the sacred landscapes of the Holy Land. A cherished addition to a private collection, "Sea of Galilee" serves as a timeless reminder of the enduring beauty and significance of this historic region.
The Rite of Spring  by  Stravinsky
With Permission:  2013 Toronto Symphony Orchestra, Recorded live in Roy Thompson Hall, December 4 & 6, 2008
Listen to the TSO's full 2013 performance of Stravinsky's The Rite of Spring: