The Mahler Project


39" x 47"
oil on Canvas
Private Collection
World premiere: 29 January 1905, Vienna. conducted by the composer.

"I often think they have only gone out: Soon they will come home again. It is a beautiful day, do not be anxious They have only gone out for a long walk. Yes, indeed, they have only gone out And they will be coming home now. Do not be anxious, it is a beautiful day. They have only gone for a walk up to the mountains They have only gone out ahead of us, And do not want to come home again. We will find them on those heights up there In the sunshine! It is a beautiful day on those heights." 

~ Friedrich Rückert  (1788-1866)
The Rite of Spring  by  Stravinsky
With Permission:  2013 Toronto Symphony Orchestra, Recorded live in Roy Thompson Hall, December 4 & 6, 2008
Listen to the TSO's full 2013 performance of Stravinsky's The Rite of Spring: