An Alpine Symphony

54" x 36"
Oil on Canvas   Diptych
Embark on a visual expedition with Paula Arciniega's abstract masterpiece, "An Alpine Symphony," inspired by the evocative composition of R. Strauss. Completed in 1915, Strauss's musical narrative unfolds the experiences of a day-long ascent and descent in the Alpine mountains, capturing the nuances from twilight before dawn to the subsequent nightfall. Paula, drawing from the rich tapestry of Strauss's symphonic storytelling, translates the essence of this alpine adventure onto her canvas.

As a young boy, Strauss himself faced the challenges of a similar mountainous journey, getting caught in a storm during a climb. The echoes of this personal experience resonate in the sweeping strokes and vivid hues of Paula's interpretation. Strauss's profound connection with nature, influenced by his interest in Friedrich Nietzsche, adds layers of depth to the symphony and, consequently, to Paula's abstract rendition.

The roots of "An Alpine Symphony" trace back to 1899 when Strauss initially conceived it as a tribute to the Swiss painter Karl Stauffer-Bern, originally titled "K√ľnstlertrag√∂die" (Tragedy of an Artist). Paula's abstract exploration captures the essence of nature's majesty and the human spirit's triumph over adversity, offering viewers a visual odyssey inspired by Strauss's timeless composition.
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With Permission:  2013 Toronto Symphony Orchestra, Recorded live in Roy Thompson Hall, December 4 & 6, 2008