6. The Tuileries

53" x 64 1/2" - 134.62 X 163.83
Acrylic on Canvas
Step into the lively scene of The Tuileries, where Paula Arciniega's vibrant palette and dynamic composition bring Mussorgsky's playful melodies to life. Inspired by Hartmann's lost depiction of an avenue in the garden of the Tuileries— a scene likely populated with a swarm of children and nurses— Arciniega's interpretation captures the essence of youthful exuberance and carefree joy. The music, effervescent and playful, finds its visual counterpart in Arciniega's colorful brushstrokes and dynamic composition, reflecting the spirit of contemporary abstract art. Bubbles symbolize the fleeting innocence of youth, while the vivid colors evoke a sense of surrealistic imagery and imaginative exploration. Grounded in symbolism, the painting features tiny dots representing the multitude and oneness of all creation, akin to waves in a sea. As Alexander Pope beautifully expressed, 'Like bubbles on the sea of matter born, we rise, we break and to that sea return.' Through Arciniega's artistic vision and expressive artwork, viewers are invited to immerse themselves in the fleeting garden of youth, where every brushstroke captures the essence of a moment suspended in time.
Pictures at an Exhibition  by  Modest Mussorgsky
With Permission:  2024 Canadian National Brass Project, Recorded at St. Anne's Church, Toronto, ON Aug 29 - Sept 2, 2016
Canadian National Brass Project
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