Mahler VI

48" x 96"
oil on Canvas
In Paula Arciniega's 'Mahler VI,' the canvas becomes a testament to artistic perseverance and the poignant revelation of life's inexorable truths. Over the span of months, Paula immersed herself in Mahler's Symphony No. 6, painting obsessively on an 8 x 4 ft canvas. Layer upon layer, she added strokes, guided by the haunting melodies of the symphony, until a point where the painting revealed a narrative so ruthless and brutal that it compelled her to pause in astonishment.

Standing back, Paula confronted the irrevocable truth captured in the artwork—a profound reflection of Mahler's premonition of his fate. The painting serves as a visual symphony, echoing Mahler's composition, and invites viewers into an intimate exploration of life's complexities.

As Mahler's Symphony No. 6 unfolds, 'Mahler VI' mirrors its emotional depths, becoming a harmonious dialogue between visual and auditory expressions. 

World premiere: May 27, 1906, Essen, conducted by the composer.
Mahler Symphony No. 6 by Gustav Mahler

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