Mahler III

48" x 72"
Oil on Canvas
In "Mahler III," Paula Arciniega intricately explores the profound depths of Gustav Mahler's visionary symphony. Mahler's Third Symphony, premiered on June 9, 1902, is a monumental composition that stands as one of the longest symphonies in the standard orchestral repertoire. The symphony unfolds across six movements, each contributing to a vast and expansive narrative.

As Paula delves into Mahler's visionary world, her painting encapsulates the symphony's intricate layers, from the sublime orchestration to the evocative vocal expressions. Paula's portrayal of "Mahler III" offers a unique glimpse into the intricate depths of Mahler's monumental symphony.

“My symphony will be something the world has never heard before. In it Nature herself acquires a voice and tells secrets so profound that they are perhaps glimpsed only in dreams! I assure you, there are passages where I myself sometimes get an eerie feeling; it seems as though it were not I who composed them.”

~ Gustav Mahler (1860-1911)  in  A letter to his mistress of the moment, the soprano Anna von Mildenburg
Mahler Symphony No. 3  by  Gustav Mahler

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