Mahler II - Aufersteh'n - Resurrection

36" x 48"
Oil on Canvas
"Mahler II - Aufersteh'n - Resurrection," part of Paula Arciniega's Mahler Project, resonates with the poetic verses of Friedrich Gottlieb Klopstock and Gustav Mahler. Klopstock's words echo: “Rise again, yes, rise again, Will you My dust, After a brief rest! Immortal life! Immortal life Will He who called you, give you.”

Mahler, in Die Auferstehung, contemplates, “Die shall I in order to live. Rise again, yes, rise again, Will you, my heart, in an instant! That for which you suffered, To God will it lead you!”

Premiered in Berlin on December 13, 1895, under Mahler's baton, this painting captures the essence of resurrection and immortality, inviting viewers into the transformative journey from suffering to eternal life as expressed in Mahler's second symphony.
Mahler Symphony No. 2  by  Gustav Mahler

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