Glorification of the Chosen One

48" x 72"
Acrylic + oil on Canvas
In the painting "Glorification of the Chosen One," Paula Arciniega masterfully captures the intense emotions conveyed by the music. The artwork depicts the almost unbearable intensity of Stravinsky's composition, which simultaneously seeks to crush and liberate the listener. The virgin, subjugated beneath the 11 percussive blows present in both the music and the visual narrative, becomes the focal point of dichotomy, reflecting the amalgamation of agony and ecstasy on her face. Paula's visual interpretation of this pivotal moment in Stravinsky's masterpiece unveils a profound exploration of the human experience, inviting viewers to delve into the complex interplay of emotions and sensations conveyed through both music and art.
Glorification of the Chosen One  by  Stravinsky
Listen from  23:24  to  24:56
With Permission:  2013 Toronto Symphony Orchestra, Recorded live in Roy Thompson Hall, December 4 & 6, 2008
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