The female body has always been such a wonder to me. It never ceases to amaze me and captivate my interest. I love discovering the nuances of the folds and curves and the slight imperfections that make us so unique and beautiful. The woman’s body as a subject will never loose its allure. I especially love juxtaposing my nudes with bright patches of colour. I find that contrasting the supple flesh against the brash palette a wonderful way of encapsulating the subject…..creating for the viewer a birds eye view of a fleeting moment. For me it is the essence of the subject, not the details that matter.

The Three Ladies

48″ x 56″
Acrylic on Canvas
Private Collection – Mountain View, CA


30″ x 42″
Acrylic on Canvas
Private Collection – Mill Valley, CA


56″ x 54″
Oil on Canvas
Private Collection – Sausalito, CA


34″ x 40″
Acrylic on Canvas
Private Collection – San Francisco, CA