New York Chamber Music Festival

New York Chamber Music Festival
SEPTEMBER 5-15, 2012
2537 Broadway at 95th Street, New York

Songs for Mahler in the absence of words
New York Piano Quartet
Cover Art by Paula Arciniega

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Spirit. Breath. Colour

On Monday April 2nd 2012 Paula has been invited to be a guest speaker at a HAPA (Holistic Approach Professional Association) round table discussion entitled “A conversation encompassing psychology, spirituality and our well being.”
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Postpartum Opening

Expressions of Infinite Motion Captured on Canvas
Wu Xing Martial Arts Studio
374 Dupont Street, Toronto, Ontario



What Next Festival with Hamilton Philharmonic

A collaborative exhibition of music and expressionist art
Art Gallery of Hamilton – Tanenbaum Pavilion
123 King Street West, Hamilton, Ontario

TSO Interludes. Branford Marsalis. Arciniega

This week a selection of Paula Arciniega’s paintings will be on display for a private event by the  Toronto Symphony Orchestra’s Volunteer Committee at one of Toronto’s most noted homes. This event will feature a lecture by guest artist Branford Marsalis.

On Display:
Mahler V
Mahler VIII

Pierre Maraval. Mille Femmes. Toronto

1000 WOMEN TORONTO is a monumental exhibition that brings together portraits of a thousand women from all the artistic fields: art, architecture, dance, fashion, design, cinema, literature, journalism, etc. Their achievements have been recognized or they are rising stars in their respective fields of activity. The overall project is a tribute to all the Toronto beauty creators, as well as the city itself. The exhibition is a highlight of LUMINATO 2008, festival of Arts and Creativity.

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Who’s Next? Hamilton Philharmonic. Arciniega

JANUARY 2010 – APRIL 2010
What Next Festival with Hamilton Philharmonic
A collection of expressionist paintings on Exhibition
Hamilton Place / Studio Theatre
1 Summers Lane, Hamilton, Ontario

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The Mahler Project

MARCH 2008
A collection of oil paintings inspired by the life and music of Gustav Mahler
The Gladstone Hotel
1214 Queen Street West, Toronto, Ontario

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